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Saturday, 9 March 2013

Spring Closet Cleanse

The days are a little warmer now, sun is starting to shine a little brighter, so it's time for the big spring closet cleanse… In addition to properly storing away your winter layers, it's just as important to prepare your warm-weather wardrobe for a seamless style transition.
Here are10 tips and tricks to achieving ultimate spring cleaning closet and feel like you start fresh.

1. Clean your boots 
There's nothing worse than a pair of ruined boots. That being said, we suggest you fork over a few extra bucks and take your footwear to your tried-and-true shoe man for the works: cleaning, water-proof protection, and, if necessary, resoling. Believe me, your shoes will thank you next winter.

2. Prep your winter coats for storage 
Make sure to properly clean your heavy coats and jackets before you pack them away. Note: never store your coats (or anything else for that matter) in dry-cleaning bags. They're filled with harsh chemicals and can also trap moisture that can lead to mildew. Instead, opt for plastic storage bins, fabric garment bags, or plastic storage bags that can be vacuum-sealed.

3. Sweater care 
Always clean your sweaters before putting them away for the season. Wool and cotton sweaters can be stored in airtight plastic storage bags, but if you have the extra space, a plastic bin works best. Cashmere sweaters are extra delicate, so make sure to wrap them in an extra layer of tissue paper before storage. Tip: if you start to see holes, you can put the sweaters in a plastic bag and stick it in the freezer for two to three days to kill off any bugs.

4. Donate
It might sound a little drastic, but if you haven't worn that sweater dress or jacket all winter long, you most likely won't wear it next season. Free up your precious closet space and give these pieces away to someone in need.

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5. Don't forget the accessories
Your scarves, hats, and gloves also deserve a little TLC. These accessories, especially gloves (think about all the subway poles and door handles you've touched all winter long), go through daily usage so it's pertinent to give these a thorough cleaning before tucking them away.

6. Bust out the sandals
Before you know it, sunshine will be upon you — and your toes. That said, save time from scrounging around the back of your closet and dust off your sandals right now. Then, get ready to slip into them once the temperature heats up.

7. Evaluate your basics
Are you lacking any must-have spring basics? Now that your winter coats and sweaters are cleared out of the way, take inventory of any basics you might need for the upcoming season, like a trench coat, cool tee, or the most perfect pair of jeans.

8. Reorganize your closet
Move all of those darker wares to the back, and let all of your pretty spring tops, dresses, skirts, and printed pants take top priority, front and center.

9. Swap out your bags 
It's all about lighter and brighter bags for spring, so pack away your black oversize bags in exchange for easy totes and statement clutches. If you haven't invested in a minibag yet, we suggest you nab one ASAP.

10. Start shopping now
Instead of feeling the rush to buy your spring necessities mid-season, start shopping now to maximize their full styling potential. 

Welcome spring in style!

Fashion blogger: Elle B.


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