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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Mysterious Barbie Woman's Daily Routine

Valeria Lukyanova has become world famous because it took a lot of plastic surgery to reach her beauty ideal: the Barbie doll.
Even though she spent $ 800.000 to get there, many people thought Valeria is a fiction character. In fact she is a real life Barbie doll and her job is professor at the Out Of Body Experience School. It is an “international school, where instructors show students how to leave their body and go into the spiritual-astral body, where they can visit any planet in the universe” says Valeria, and then she ads “I know this is the future for the mankind”.
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Valeria became friends with another young girl that got surgeries to become a real live Barbie, and the two of them started preaching about “spirituality” for money.

Valeria Lukyanova and “Dominica”, her real name Olga Oleynik, met on the internet 5 years ago, and both originate from Odessa, Ukraine.
They were intrigued by the resemblance: same hairstyle, same makeup, and same fashion sense. “All our friends thought we were sisters”
The two girls preach about “spirituality” for $ 75 per session and the business seems to bloom especially because of their looks.
“We want to move as soon as possible to America. Dominica’s boyfriend lives in USA and my husband wants to start a business there” explains Valeria Lukyanova.
“I won’t get bored abroad, because I am used to photo shoots and parties anyway” says the young girl that gets paid for any show appearance.

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Valeria says that she is “the most known woman in Russia online” and she is proud of the way she looks.
A normal day in Valeria’s life starts with a session of meditation, followed by a out of body experience into the astral body, followed by gymnastics, other various activities like music, photo shoots, personal blog, preaching and parties, and the day ends with dinner from the man that she loves, her husband, Dmitry Shkrabov.

“In the morning I take care of my face and take a body massage, then I spend a bit of time on the internet, I meditate and transcend into my astral body, then I go to fitness, I take a walk with my best friend, I come home and cook dinner” says Valeria.
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