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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

How to Wear Skinny Jeans like a Fashionista

Skinny jeans have become a popular trend in time and they are one of the foundation blocks of any fashionista. They come in a variety of models and colors, are comfy and easy to use. The best advantage is that they have a visual impact on any body type.
So no matter if you are skinny or voluptuous, make sure to buy a pair and wear it with style. It doesn’t matter if you like casual outfits or elegant ones, you can wear skinny jeans in a smart way.
Here are 3 easy styles.
1. Classy urban girl 
Even if technically it should be spring already, the weather is not warm enough to allow you to give up the “heavy artillery”. Mix and match a pair of skinny jeans with grey and white accessories. The furry boots and stylish coat give it a modern urban feel.
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2. Monochrome modern girl 
Black and white is always fashionable and even if the weather is not that warm, get ready for days when you can set your jacket aside. Mix and match your skinny jeans to an interesting cut simple black blouse, and accessorize with lovable Spring-like earrings, a practical envelope bag and super modern black stilettos.
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3. Colorful casual girl  
Toward the end of spring you will finally be able to use fewer layers of clothes and thinner fabrics. So add a splash of color to your skinny jeans using a nice colourful shirt and a small ring in a matching color. Wear small but sparkly earrings made of sterling silver with crystal or cubic zirconium stones, flat shoes in a dark color, a bag and jacket that are not too flashy and blend in well, letting the color of your Spring shirt pop.
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Did you like my suggestions and would you wear any of the outfits above? Leave a comment with your fave choice.
And remember to feel beautiful everyday!
Fashion blogger: Elle B.

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