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Friday, 1 March 2013

How to Walk on High-Heels Without Pain

Some would agree that a superb pair of heels and a sexy walk is hot. But how is it possible to keep balance, be sexy and walk on those heels, all at the same time?
We gathered advice from supermodels and podiatrists that teach you how to gracefully wear stilettos with the minimum amount of pain.
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Before putting your heels on
1. For 90% of people sizes differ from the left foot to the right. Always buy the shoes that fit best the bigger foot because it’s easier to fill the tip for the smaller foot rather then crunch the big foot in a small size shoe.
2. Don’t wear a new pair of heels for the first time at an important meeting. A good way to start using a new pair of heels is going grocery shopping. Not kidding! The cart is good for balance giving your feet the chance to get used to the new shoes and your feet will also discover the small issues like blister areas or sweat slide before they turn painful.
3. Practice Yoga. The hottest supermodels that walk miles on heels say that yoga helps them maintain a good balance. The more you exercise your muscles like that, the more chances you don’t slip and fall when that hot guy gives you a glance.
4. Notice if your feet are sore after the grocery shopping “experiment” and if they do, buy some insoles from the pharmacy. It’s a good way to get relief.
5. During summer time it’s good to use antiperspirant on the bottom of your feet. Sweat and humidity creates friction and therefore, nasty blisters. You can also find special roll-ons for feet, but supermodels say that the regular antiperspirants work as good.
6. Always carry in your bag 2-3 bandages, just in case of unexpected blisters.
7. To avoid the slip and fall episodes on marble and linoleum floors, supermodels rub the bottom of their shoes with sandpaper.

While wearing the shoes
1. It has been said that going in small steps take you further. It’s true in this case too. Don’t rush when walking on high-heels. It is possible to walk very fast on heels but you can get into trouble. You could loose your balance, fall, break an ankle. So take small steps.
2. Seven out of ten women are in pain when wearing high-heels. To avoid the painful experience stretch your legs periodically while seated.

After wearing the shoes
1. Soak your feet in hot water and give them the luxury of a simple self-massage using a moisturizer. Feet are important in reflexology and have keen pressure points areas that help the entire body.
2. Wear flats or low-heels the second say and try to alternate every day. Your feet will be grateful.

Now go rock that catwalk!
Fashion blogger: Elle B.

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