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Saturday, 2 March 2013

6 Easy Steps to Become a Fashionista

Ever dreamt of becoming a fashionista but don’t know how to start? Actually being a fashionista would of course require knowledge or at least some background in fashion. A fashionista is always updated with the latest trends of fashion and accessories such as trends in earrings, belts, shoes, purses etc. A fashionista is someone who follows style and fashion and can pull off a great look under any circumstance.
Some people seem to be born fashionistas, while others don’t become interested in fashion and beauty until later in life. It takes a lot of work and practice to become one.

Here are 6 easy steps to turn you into a fashionista in no time...
1. Skin Care
Develop a skin care routine to build a good foundation for your fashionista look. Wash your face twice daily and apply toner and moisturizer. Get facials monthly. With a good skin, it is easier to flaunt.
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2. Hairstyle
Get your hair cut in a style that’s up-to-date and easy to maintain. Play with your hair to find different looks. Figure out how to cover up bad hair days with up-do styles, buns, hats or scarves. You can even use styling creams to avoid bad hair days.
3. Stay Informed
Observe how experienced fashionistas dress. Check out the clothes fashionable celebrities and business leaders wear. Watch some of the fashion shows available on TV. Read books by stylists and other fashionistas. Cut pictures from magazines and catalogs to make a collage of things that you like.

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4. Shop Afordable Quality
Buy the highest quality clothing, bags and shoes that you can afford and make sure the clothes fit and aren’t too tight or baggy. Buy neutral colors for the main pieces and dress them up with colorful jewelry like necklaces, bracelets, earrings, sophisticated scarves and trendy bags.

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5. Get Timeless Pieces
Look for clean lines and classic, timeless pieces of clothing. When you make a purchase, make sure it’s something you’ll wear it in the future and not just a trendy piece.

6. Feel Good in Your Skin
Flaunt your best features, but don’t show too much skin. Balance skin-bearing pieces with more coverage elsewhere. Wear simple tops with short skirts OR modest pants with a low cut top.

With these simple tips, you can bring out the fashionista in you.
Remember that it also requires confidence and how you carry yourself in public.

Fashion blogger: Elle B.


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