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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

5 Essential Fashion Tips for Men

Do real men wear hats? How about necklaces? Accessories are fundamental in men’s styling. It is essentially the most important detail that brings a men’s wardrobe to life. Otherwise, he’s just another dude in a t-shirt and jeans. The “musts” that every man should have within his reach are: ties, belt buckles & belts (slim, studded, variety of colors), necklaces in different length options, bracelets, at least one good watch, and many socks in various colors.
Here’s some advice about how guys should accessorize to pull together the best look and not be just another “dude”.

1. Pick the right tie
Skinny ties are sometimes appropriate and patterns can sometimes say too much about your personality. One important thing to remember, though, is that your tie should always reach your belt.
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2. The belt and shoes combo
Speaking of belts, the one you choose is very important. If you are wearing jeans and sneakers, consider a cloth belt. However, if you are donning formalwear, your belt should always match your shoes. It doesn’t have to be exact, but just don’t mix the brown and black basics and you’ll be fine.
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3. Consider a front-pocket wallet or money clip
The worn-in wallet square in the back pocket of your jeans adds to its “lived-in” appeal. The same does not go for your slacks. Front pockets (or inner coat pocket) keeps your money safe and can help your posture too.

4. The pants and socks combo
Just like your shoes should match your belt, your socks should also match your pants. White socks are only worn with jeans or with shorts and sneakers. Don't do this faux-pas below and look ridiculous...

5. Accessorize sparingly
Generally, a man can only wear one special accessory, aside from a necklace and watch, which is a staple. Whether you want to wear a hat or a bracelet or a class ring, what you wear says a lot about you.
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Now you are not just another "dude" but a handsome stylish guy. 
Fashion blogger: Elle B.

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