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Monday, 4 March 2013

3 Easy Rules To Choose the Right Watch

A watch doesn't serve just a functional purpose... it also gives an impression of elegance and style and serves to accessorize your personality. For most men, watch is the only piece of jewelry they wear, other than the wedding ring. Here are some useful tips on how to choose a men’s watch.

Shape and Size
Watches come in various shapes and sizes and one can choose according to his preference, but there are a few rules as follows: large men should not wear small watches as it will appear too small and feminine when compared to their wrists. One of the latest watch trends is oversized watch dials, which will look suitable on most men. Match the size of the watch dial to the span of the wrist to find the one that suits your wrist perfectly.

Colors and Themes
Watches come in a variety of colors and themes and you have to choose your type depending on the purpose for use. Some watches are themed on sports teams, cartoon characters and car manufacturers. Watches with bold or funky themes can be used at home or in friendly settings while plain watches, that are not jazzed-up, are perfect for office use.
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Three simple rules:
1. The watch that you choose should be suitable for use in home and work environment. One watch would be enough for use if you work in a casual environment. If not, go for two watches: one funky that represents your personality and the other one classy and perfect for work environment.

2. Sports watches are less expensive than casual or formal watches. They are also designed differently and serve more of a functional purpose than exuding class and elegance. Sports watches come with features such as stop watch, diving depths, a compass, temperature reading, and even pitching speed readers. Obviously sports watches are more suitable for men who engage in sport activities.

3. For office purposes, look for a classy watch that comes with stainless steel straps. Stainless straps are stronger than a traditional leather strap. While they are dressy enough for office and casual enough to be used at home, watches with stainless steel straps are also rust-resistant and water-resistant.

Gold or gold-plated watches are also an option, provided you have that kind of money. Gold watch looks extremely classy and creates an aura of elegance and richness.

Don't let anyone dull your sparkle!

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