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Thursday, 14 February 2013

The Exotic Eldredge Necktie Knot (DIY)

Not every man is keen on making his own tie knots. For some men the task is just difficult, daunting or even time consuming. Some just don’t like to stress about it.
But every man’s secret wish is to master a tie knot perfectly and even try exotic knots that nobody else can do. An attention-grabbing tie knot is the Eldredge. It is a unique looking knot that resembles a braid. If you plan on wearing this knot we recommend keeping your outfit simple with muted solid tones letting the knot be the focal point. It tends to look messy with striped ties because the orientation of the stripes will be different in each panel of the knot, stick to single colored or consistent patterned ties for best results.
Eldredge Necktie Knot step by step
Alex Krasny has mastered some pretty interesting tie knots in his few YouTube videos and it seems to help a lot of guys getting it done in style!

Now you know how to make that perfect knot, but do you have the right tie? Here are a few easy steps to choose the perfect tie that goes with your attire.

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