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Friday, 22 February 2013

Steampunk, a Fashionable Trend

Final Fantasy from games turns to reality. Is this the beginning for the fashion of the future: An interesting combination of couture, vintage and Sci-Fi?
So this is what turns heads going into the future: The Steampunk style.
The steampunk style is a subcategory of science fiction, inspired by technological progress from the Industrial Revolution era. It combines contemporary with vintage and creates a unique movement in literature, music, fashion, architecture.
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The steampunk style in fashion is a mix between the Victorian style, the Wild West style and the couture fantasy style. Elements of this non-conformist trend are big elegant hats, corsets, oversized belts, vintage accessories, elegant patterned trench coats and dramatic asymmetrical skirts.
The steampunk accessories are a mix between technology, mechanics and design, metamorphosed in a work of art containing little parts of mechanic watches, keys, chains, screws and nuts. The dominant colors are brown, black and grey and there’s use of metallic tones that are cold and lack plasticity.

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Guest blogger: Elle B.

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