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Sunday, 17 February 2013

Man, is There a Way to Tie Your Scarf Right?

Oh no... it's time of that time of the year again where we bring out our heavy load of coats, boots and "the latest furs on our backs, know..." just as king Julian from Madagascar said it.
Fashion accessories for men can be tricky, especially during the cols season, if used incorrectly. A scarf is a good way to keep the neck warm and add a splash of personal style to complete the outfit. You need a long enough scarf to tie. Scarves come in all lengths and widths, but ideally, a scarf for men should be at least 60 inches long in length. The width of the scarf should be at least five inches.
To make sure the scarf is not only fashionable but also functional in a man’s wardrobe, follow these steps to tie it for the most basic way to tie your scarf right:

1. Fold the scarf in half along its width. Drape the scarf around the neck with the closed end of the scarf half the length of the body in front of the torso. This method of tying a scarf is much more secure than merely circling the scarf around the neck. It works well with an active lifestyle.
2. Pull the open ends of the scarf through the closed end. Once the ends are through, tighten the scarf around the neck. The scarf should now be secure.
3. Adjust the scarf in the mirror and move it into the most comfortable position.
And this is the result... a stylish guy that stays warm during cold days.

Note: For rainy-wet weather the scarf needs to be completely covered in order to remain dry and functional. Make sure that the style and pattern of your coat complements the scarf and vice versa. 
After the answer to the question "dude, where is my scarf?" has been given :) it's time to move on to more complex ways to tie your scarf.
Here are 7 more interesting ways.

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The best way to practice different styles to tie your scarf is in front of a mirror, or a patient audience. Have fun with it and remember to stay warm!

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