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Monday, 18 February 2013

How to Organize Your Accessories?

Storing accessories in a closet can be a difficult and time-consuming practice. But with the right approach and methods, you can soon be picking out your sweaters from your shoes and your belts from your ties. It's good to be organized! Small items like belts, ties and jewelry can get easily lost in the big expanse of a walk-in closet. Yet there are good ways for storing each item. This section addresses the easiest ways to keep track of those small but essential items.
Divide and Conquer 
Dividing larger spaces into smaller, more manageable segments that more closely resemble the size and shape of the items they hold eliminates the stacks and piles of garments and accessories that are so common in closets. Drawer organizers work well for positioning and arranging articles in a drawer so that each article is plainly visible. Regarding shelf storage, acrylic shelf dividers provide an adaptable and easy yet sufficient way to segregate a whole shelf into specifically assigned storage compartments. These dividers are perfect for handbags, sweaters, hats, or any other conceivable item.
It doesn't make sense to keep delicate rings and necklaces in a large drawer without protection. And jewelry should not be kept in the same drawer with hairbrushes, cameras, pencils, and the like. Jewelry requires containers that are scaled to their size; jewelry boxes, bags, pouches, chests, and cases meet this requirement with varying degrees of success.

- Hang the jewelry you regularly use on hooks or racks
- Necklaces are better served from a hanging position that stashes and tangled
- Keep the expensive jewelry and accessories in a box with cloth lining or if possible place each one in a small felt pouch to preserve its color and shine
- Place jewelry in transparent containers is always beneficial for increased visibility
- Store the same items together: all pearl items, crystal, gold, etc
- Always close all clasps to avoid tangling

- Place expensive bags in their cloth bags to preserve its material
- Place frequently used bags on top of your closet shelf or a special hanger for your convenience
- Group together smaller bags and purses so they don't get lost among bigger ones
- Avoid belt rings, they cause frustration
- Use a belt rack that provides a big number of hooks for the placement of individual belts
- Categorize belts by color

- Many tie racks make ties inaccessible, concealed from sight
- Make sure you place ties on a rack that has individual hooks for each tie
- Categorize ties by color
- Wool scarves should be rolled while silk, rayon, and other fabrics may be hanged on a smooth surface hangers or folded and stored in your closet drawer or in a box
- Fringed scarves should be folded in half then roll, with the tassels facing out
- Place your frequently used footwear on a rack for your convenience
- Group your footwear either according to the heel height, colors or use type
- Store your footwear in a dry place so that mold will not accumulate on it. Prevent the spread of dirt and odor by making sure the shoes are clean when you put it in the box or closet
- Flip-flops and slippers should be individually stored in clear boxes, soles together
- If you will place your shoes in their individual boxes it is a good idea to take a picture of the shoes and paste it on the side of the box, so you can easily locate it.

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