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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

How to Match Accessories to a Prom Dress

So you found the perfect prom dress and you have the perfect date, almost the perfect night but matching accessories is a must before you get out of the house. Although accessories aren't generally thought of as the most important part of your prom experience, they can definitely make or break an outfit. Use these simple steps to help you match the right accessories to your dress.

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1. Accessorize your outfit with earrings and a necklace that accent your dress but aren't so overwhelming that they distract from your dress. If your prom dress is sequined, wear matching sparkling gem necklace and earrings. But if your dress is simple and elegant, choose diamond or pearl earnings and a matching necklace. Diamonds or fake diamonds are classics that you can't go wrong with… they match any dress.

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2. Choose a handbag that either complements or matches the color of your prom dress. A plain satin handbag works well and allows you to add your own embellishments, such as a flower or a few beaded stars. Also, make sure that your handbag is large enough to carry your lipstick, cellphone and car keys, but is still small enough not to be a drag on your evening.

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3. Pick hair clips and tiaras that are glitzy and sparkly. These add a dramatic flair to your outfit and also give you a small souvenir to remember your prom night. Get clips or a tiara that match your dress and jewelry. Remember, if you're going to wear a tiara, take it with you when you get your hair done.

4. Finish off your outfit with a pair of gloves. These add glamor to any dress. Above-the-elbow gloves are more glamorous and elegant, whereas below-the-elbow gloves add a more casual elegance to your prom outfit. Gloves can either match your dress or can be a contrasting color for a more fun look.


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