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Thursday, 28 February 2013

How to Choose the Right Tie

A necktie or tie is one of the most elegant fashion accessories for men. Although it’s only just a small piece of clothing in a man’s wardrobe, it takes a big part in making his business attire look complete and sophisticated. Choosing the right tie that works well with his outfit also has a great impact on his public image and it shows he has a good fashion sense.

With so many choices for ties in varieties of styles, designs, colors and patterns, it's really tricky choosing the perfect one. Here are some tips that will help you choosing the right tie that best suits your formal attire.

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1. Quality of the fabric

Your first main concern should be the quality of a necktie’s. A good quality tie is made up of 100% silk. So it’s most recommended to buy a silk tie because you can’t go wrong with its luster that will definitely give you a polished appearance to your formal attire. Silk is also durable because of its organic structure.

2. The right length

Selecting the right length for your tie should be considered when buying this kind of men’s accessories. A tie can make or break your whole attire if it’s not long enough or too long. Therefore if you are tall, you will look best if you choose a long tie and vice versa if you are shorter. The right length of a tie is proportional to your height.

According to fashion experts here’s the best way to know the right length of your tie: the triangular point at its wide end should meet your belt buckle when it’s tied properly around your neck and the tip of your tie should extend ½ inch past your belt line.

3. Best color

The next thing you need to consider is color. It’s best to match or complement the color of your dress shirt or suit.

(Complementary colors wheel)

4. Stylish pattern

Dealing with patterns is really confusing especially because there are so many out there. Are stripes right for you or maybe checkers or something crazy?
A plain dress shirt can use a tie with stripes, checkers or plain, but if your shirt has stripes or checkers already then go for a plain color tie. Too many patterns can turn you into a clown rather than a stylish gentleman.

Finally you got the tie that looks well on you, so now you have to know how to tie it properly.
Here’s a sophisticated way to tie it: the Eldredge Necktie Knot


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