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Saturday, 23 February 2013

How to Choose Earrings that go with your Hairstyle

Sometimes is difficult to choose the right pair of earrings, especially on the rush, and out of habit or just because we don’t want to stress too much, we end up picking the same pair, even if we own two dozen. Here are a few tips, which will help you choose the right earrings that complement your hairstyle and look. 
You have a wide variety of earrings to choose from. Short hair is just perfect for showing off your earrings! You don’t have to worry about your earrings being hidden under. You can pick anything from a plain button earring to stylish hoop or dangle. However, before making your choices keep in mind the overall look. If you have super short hair then big hoops or dangle might look overwhelming. So, it’s important to choose the earrings, which complement a polished style.
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Be cautious when choosing hoop-style earrings because they add weight and curves to your face, making it even rounder. If you have a round facial shape you should pick oval earrings rather than going for circles or loops. Choosing rectangular or square styled hoops is another way of adding dimension to your round face paired with long hair. Other styles, which will work best with long hair, are elongated and oblong shaped earrings. You can also choose to experiment with long danglers and chandelier style of earrings.

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For you it’s a great idea to choose drop earrings in bright colors. You can also look for earrings in earthly materials like bamboo, wood, and cork. These great choices will definitely be attention grabbers.

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Pick long and lean drop earrings to streamline your look, or go for hoop earrings in subdued metals like rose gold or bronze.

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Your perfect choice is dimensional earrings, such as squares, diamond, or gold drops. With an up-do, you can emphasize your neck area and for that, long beaded earrings or chandelier earrings can be your pick. Teardrop earrings would also be a good option for an up-do hairstyle.

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Triangle shaped earrings are perfect for you or you can opt for a pair of swing or chandelier earrings.
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