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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

A girl's dream come true: she looks like the Barbie doll

We were all kids once, and most of us girl could only dream about living a glamorous life, just like a Barbie doll. We always loved the beauty of these dolls, how perfect their legs and breasts were and the luscious long hair. There was no end imagining fashion, style and accessories to dress it up. I could have played with my doll forever without ever getting bored,… always coming up with DIY projects like making jewelry, crocheting tops and stitching glamorous dresses for it.
Some would say they were passionate about Barbie dolls in their youth; others still have this passion even if they are mature, and I am not talking about collecting dolls...
Valeria Lukyanova, a 23 year old Ukrainian, transformed herself in a live Barbie doll, after dozens of surgeries where she spent about $ 800.000.

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Now the young girl has long blond hair, perfect fair smooth skin, big eyes, and small mouth, exactly like a Barbie doll. Her body frame is just incredible: a very narrow waist and, of course, a big heavy chest, above the average cup size.

On her blog, Valeria Lukyanova claims that she is the most popular woman online, among Russian speakers.
Check out Barbie's mysterious daily routine.

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