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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

5 Essential Accessories for Men

For a guy striving to look his best, it is important to select complementing accessories that go well with nice pieces of clothing. The addition of stylish hats, belts, or even something as simple as wallets can make a big difference in the overall look. By taking the time to look over different styles and pieces that are available on the market any man can finish off an outfit and look polished.
Here are 5 essential accessories a man has to have.
1. Cool Watch

A watch is not only useful to keep track of time, but can be a statement of personal style. Whether a man is dressing casual and looking for a watch that can play the part or they need something more formal and expensive, there are many watches which fit these needs.

2. Piece du resistence - Leather Belt

The belt can be anything from a simple black leather to something flashy or retro, depending on the style you are looking for. Casual events can call for a variety of different styles, including canvas material, studs, and more. If worn for a business meetings, brown or black leather belts are the obvious choice.

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3. Fit Hat 
During the 1920s a hat was essential to every man's outfit. Even today some  people consider hats to be special. The best thing is the variety available on the market and the difference they can make when completing an outfit. Whether an outfit calls for a casual baseball cap or something more formal, one thing is certain.. choosing a stylish hat can completely pull together a look. While some fashion gurus recommend matching hats to shoes for men, anything goes in this era of social trends and a lot of experimenting is actually appreciated.

4. Stylish Wallet

Guys that don’t like wearing a ton of accessories can still put together a fashion forward outfit by showcasing a quality wallet. While wallets are typically tucked into a pocket, they should actually reflect the wearer’s style and personality. When paying for a drink at a bar or a meal, the wallet is taken out and seen by others so it’s nice to have a nice wallet that complements the outfit.

5. Nice Phone and Tablet Case 

In our era a cellphone and a tablet are essential accessories for the busy man. It’s easy to see why cases are considered an important investment. Instead of just having a mobile device vulnerable to damage, a man should purchase a case that keeps it protected and reflects his style at the same time.

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