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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Men shop online too...

Gone are the days when you walk into a clothing store only to see that barely 5% of their floor space is dedicated to men. With shopping on-line, sky’s the limit. There are no opening hours, no sales people getting in the way of your shopping and most definitively you get more than 5% floor space. So get on your browser and start looking.
Personally, I like to see what’s hot out there before venturing into adding a few lines of expense on my credit card. Once I have an idea of what I want I definitively think accessories. Nowadays you can buy anything online, from the most expensive luxury brands to the most inexpensive.

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One thing is clear, women like us wearing accessories so might as well do it. Be it a scarf, a necklace, a smashing cool belt or some classy cufflinks buttons to go with that great shirt of yours, they all do the trick. 

Shop accessories for men here!
The one thing you should stay away from though is over-accessorize. Got one bracelet? That’s great. Two is already too many. So keep it simple, clean and with good taste.
And remember to wear things in contrast. If you’re dressed all blue from top down you might be mistaken for some guy belonging to a boy band from the 90s’ and that’s not the message you want to portray. Remember, stay cool, dress for success and the rest will follow!

Guest fashion blogger: R.Man
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