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Sunday, 15 July 2012

A new wardrobe with $0 purchase in 4 easy steps

How to transform your wardrobe without buying clothes? We all know this old story: a full walk-in closet but nothing to wear. Any sane person goes through this dilemma at least once and many times the only logical answer is to spend more money and get more stuff. But what can you do when you can't afford shopping clothes as often as you'd like?
Well, we have the answer for you. Start a "shopping adventure" in your own closet, and here are some ideas.
1. Re-invent your wardrobe.
Before you actually start throwing things away, think about how you could re-invent that piece. Girls, a larger shirt can be tied or worn as a summer dress paired with a nice belt, a bright tote and a long necklace, a pair of jeans can be shortened and revived as shorts. Guys, cut those sleeves of your t-shirt and turn it into a funky one. Pair it with a vest, a cool belt and some dangling bling necklace and voila.., a new outfit!
There are solutions even if clothes are not fitted anymore because you gained weight. Ladies, for instance, you can take out the buttons of a short jacket, re-stitch the edges of the whole piece and transform it into a bolero that can be used over a t-shirt. Now, for gentlemen that gained weight, in this scenario their women are at advantage because they will use the man’s piece and turn it into a sexy “boyfriend” one. Let’s take for instance a larger long sleeved men jacket. Layer it with a fitted white shirt underneath, a bold necklace, a hat and a leather belt on top of those jeans and here goes the masculine but sexy look on a woman!
The point is: don't be afraid of changes!

There are a lot of role models that prefer to "refresh" their style by getting rid of buttons or changing lengths. Queen Elisabeth II is well known for that. Also, Kate Middleton is well appreciated for "recycling" all the clothes worn on official visits, or even uses her mother's.

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There is a trend of celebrities wearing vintage items, striving for uniqueness and an eco-friendly way to shop. Each vintage garment has a story to tell, and the store itself may emphasize items worn by notable celebrities. Treat all your old clothes as vintage; don’t just throw them in the garbage. Every second chance might be better than the first.

Any coat can have a different feel when using accessories in bright colors like buttons, a bowtie, and a belt. Girls, any boring white shirt can have a vintage sophisticated look if all buttons are closed up to the neck and a classy broach is added. Scarves make wonders if used as belts; they accentuate your natural curves and add boosts color. Guys, any cotton pants can be shortened up the knees. Wear it with a polo shirt and a funky straw hat, maybe some bright shades for a nonconventional but fun casual look.
2. Accessorize wisely.
Choose your accessories wisely because often times they say more about you then the dress or coat you are wearing. Bags, shoes, belts, sunglasses, scarves, necklaces, earrings or bracelets – any of them can radically change an outfit. The princess of boho chic Siena Miller puts a lot of effort on choosing the perfect accessories, and is rarely seen without lots of bangles or an interesting scarf.
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For men, the use of jewelry and accessories when dressing formally can provide subtle touches that tie an outfit together in a great way. There are many different forms of jewelry, but that doesn’t mean a man has to use all of them. Knowing how and when to wear jewelry can be the difference between a confident look and a loud look, the latter being the one which most men should try to avoid. In our times developing a sense of how to wear jewelry and accessories is essential, even for men. When men are wearing French cuffs on a dress shirt, cufflinks aren’t just an accessory, but they’re a necessity as well.

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3. Compose your outfit of multiple layers.
We know winter is the kind of season that requires two three layers instead of one, to keep warm. But wise fashionistas and gurus know that during summer, the same principle is actually really useful and helps giving an impression of a fabulous new wardrobe. The cocktail dress you girls haven’t touched since that last special event can easily go with a cardigan and some cozy boots. Guys, a bright jacket can definitely change the feel of a t-shirt, paired with a lot of stainless steel and leather jewellery, some jeans and a straw hat. What a wonderful sunny and relaxed approach!
4. Less is more.
The single most important part of any accessories or pieces of jewelry is to make sure that they complement an outfit, not distract from it or override it. Moderation and subtlety are the keys to completing a well-put-together look, so less is more.
Only give up and say there is nothing to wear when you exhaust all the possible combinations in your wardrobe. And remember, if you ever give up on your clothes, always donate them -  never throw away!
Meanwhile Kugati wishes you happy shopping, no matter if you dig in your own closet or go to the mall!
Fashion blogger: Elle B.

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