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Wednesday, 1 August 2012

10 Summer Accessories a Woman Cannot Do Without

Summer would not be the same without collections of bright and colorful accessories that make each day more enjoyable… If you do not know which are the most interesting accessories this summer, which are the ones you can’t afford to miss, here is a list made ​​by stylists: 
1. Flip-flops.
Ideal for beach and casual summer mornings walks. But no matter how comfortable they are, remember that it is NOT ok to wear them to work or with a more sophisticated outfit.
2. Bracelets and bangles. 
Bracelets with traditional motifs from around the world are on a roll now, so either choose bracelets inspired from tribal cultures or metal bangles with big oversized pendants.
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3. Bold platforms. 
This year platforms are truly spectacular. Most interesting are those with soles made of cork, which are very light, or the ones wrapped in rope. Choose electric colors that are perfect for long and hot summer days.  
4. Elegant metallic inspiration.
If there are a lot of summer to attend, like weddings, baptisms, graduations and birthdays, choose sandals in metallic shades, which are very elegant. 
5. Sun hats. 
Choose sun hats made of straw and accessorize (depending on where you go) with colored scarves, brooches or pins. It's perfect for days spent in the city, and holiday. 
6. Multifunctional bags.
You can choose light fabric bags, pressed-straw totes or leather. It is important to be big, roomy and in cheerful colors.
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7. Sunscreen.
Do not leave the house without applying a generous layer of sunscreen, even on the face and neck. Maybe you don’t realize it now, but the most important step to maintain a young looking skin is to protect it from harmful radiation. 
8. Beach dress.
For the days when you go to the pool or on the beach, choose dresses that are sexy but interesting. Ruffles and colorful patterns always help.
9. Stylish sunglasses.
You cannot leave the house without your sunglasses. Choose something stylish, but make sure the lenses are good quality and protect your eyes from sun damage. 
10. Summer necklaces.
The natural turquoise, orange or coral colors are so fashionable right now; your necklace must be solid color that puts the style back in the game. Summer necklaces make a woman look happier.
Have a happy summer!
Fashion blogger: Elle B.

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